Southwestern Enchiladas at Chuy’s in South Park.

Chuy’s brings in some fun, festive TexMex color and flavor to South Park. The restaurant chain from Texas has hit the Queen City and it’s causing quite a commotion. From the vibrant colors and fake palm trees, to the “junk in the trunk” nacho bar, people are eating it up! A Wednesday dinner at 6:30 pm included a wait for a table. Had I arrived any later, I would have been facing a long night of hanging out with a crowd of fellow hungry people clutching blue buzzers. It looks like this joint has the luck of its neighbor Cowfish – always bustling and hopping with diners (which include couples [who look like they may be on dates] and many families of rugrats.

Most on the menu is under $10. Most impressive is that all the tortillas are handmade in restaurant. The free chips brought to the table are extremely light and crisp, reminiscent of Indian papadum. The salsa is pico de gallo style – fresh and spicy.

Another reason to arrive early besides avoid the wait, is to get in on the trunk of nachos. No joke. Chuy’s offers a FREE, yes, free, nacho bar served out of a remodeled car trunk from the hours of 4 to 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Chuy’s :: 4310 Sharon Rd,  Charlotte, NC 28211 ::