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New bakery Sweet Lorraine Bakeshop is now open on East Boulevard in Dilworth (near 300 East restaurant).

The official grand opening will be held on Saturday, July 14 from noon to 2 pm. The event will feature free tastings of all their items which include a variety of cookies, tarts, cupcakes, bars, and chocolates.

Sweet Lorraine Bakeshop









Turn your Rice Krispy Treats into a fun summery snack. With a couple round cake pans and some food coloring, it’s easy to mold the “batter” into faux watermelon slices.

I made two mini batches of batter, one at a time (each using about 4-5 cups of rice cereal and 4-5 cups of marshmallows). I dyed the first batch green and molded it into a ring inside two well buttered cake pans, and dyed the second pink and filled the rest of the pans with that. (Tip: make sure your hands are well greased! It gets sticky!) To make the seeds, I just pressed a few mini chocolate chips into the top of the RKTs before turning them out and slicing them into wedges.

… or rather, people dressed as cows.

Stop by a Chick-fil-A on Friday, July 13 for their annual Cow Appreciation Day.

Any customer dressed “head to hoof” in cow attire will receive a FREE Chick-fil-A meal (entrée, side and drink). Wearing a black and white cow-printed accessory will get you a free entrée.

If you need a costume, go to to download a cow outfit.