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The Capital Grille’s lunch “Plates” menu has been refreshed for spring. The standing menu, which features 3 items (soup/salad, sandwich and a side) for $18, is a great lunch deal and gets you in and out of the door within an hour, before your boss can complain! New on the menu are three new selections: Asparagus Soup, Shrimp and Piquillo Peppers with Crisp Bomba Rice, and Grilled Spring Vegetables.

While the new items are great to change things up a bit and add variety, I still prefer the ol’ staples – clam chowder, mini tenderloin sandwiches, and truffle fries.

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Wesley Heights’ newest restaurant Picante serves up fast casual Mexican fare. I hate to compare it to Chipotle, but it’s similar. The menu is simple – tacos/burritos/bowls/salads and your choice of protein. The toppings like corn salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole are all fresh and good quality. Their chips have a hint of lime, and the guac and queso dips were both great. For those who like Coke made with real cane sugar, they’ve got it. For those who like alcohol, they’ve got that too!

For the surprisingly low price point of all their items, it’s definitely going to be a default go-to place for me since it’s located right in my ‘hood.

1500 West Morehead St.
Charlotte, NC 28208