Located on central avenue, across the street from Bistro la Bon, Fern is now open and serving vegetarian fare. Brought to you by the folks of something classic, who also run Halcyon, Fern is an intimate place with a woodsy, natural feel. A mason jar chandelier is the centerpiece of the one-room dining area. Eating at the small restaurant is like eating in a forest with dim lighting, fern and spider plants lining one wall and wicker lawn chairs.

The white asparagus bruschetta is flavorful, but too pricy for what you are served. The app comes with only two pieces of bruschetta-topped toasts and costs $8.

My white bean and tofu burger ($10) was good in flavor as well, but contained an unpleasant gritty sand-like texture. Perhaps the lettuce wasn’t washed? The quinoa salad side was surprisingly tasty.

The vegan chocolate and mousse cake ($8) tasted too good to be vegan, but they said it was. Rich and almost fudgy, the cake was served with soaked cherries, and frosted with a dark, creamy chocolate frosting.